Business Degrees for Every Type of Person

Business Degrees for Every Type of Person

Accounting Degrees

An accounting degree is one of the most diverse degrees that you can attain under the business administration umbrella. Accountants are found in every industry at every level, including municipal and governmental.

Key Skills


  • Math/Statistics – Accountants must have a strong acuity towards mathematics, statistics and their many applications. You’ll learn how to analyze and interpret financial facts and figures that pertain to your business or business of your client.
  • Communication – Alongside hours spent crunching numbers, accountants must be well versed in communicating their work to others who aren’t as well-versed in the mathematical language. Accounts often work on teams, or at least consult with teams on a regular basis.
  • Finance – With a business accounting degree, you’ll often be analyzing dense financial information, so a clear grasp on elements of finance, financial management, and financial modeling will be a key component of your studies.

Careers with a Business Accounting Degree

  • Accounting Professor
  • Finance Director
  • Accounting Software Development
  • Financial Compliance Directors
  • Financial Analyst
  • Personal Finance Advisor
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Financial Risk Assessor


How Much Can You Make with a Degree in Business Accounting?

Here’s where the news gets good. The salary of any given accountant can range for entry level ($40,000) well up over the $100k mark. In fact, contrary to what you would think, accounting professors stand to have some the highest salary outcomes, making more than $100,000/year.


  • Entry level careers: $55,000 – $71,250
  • Mid-level careers: $78,000 – $98,000
  • Senior-level careers: $95,500 and $198,000


How Do You Know if it’s Right for You

Accounting careers appeal to people who love numbers. Most of your job will revolve around analyzing facts and figures related to a company’s finances. Additionally, accounting degrees are great for people who want options in their career path, the opportunity to work on their own if they want, and the flexibility to work across any industry.

Business Administration Degrees

Do you dream of being a manager in your place of work? Owning your own business? Or understanding the functions of business interactions? If so, a career in business administration might be an option. A business administration degree will make you more of a “generalist” in the business world. You’ll have a wide range of knowledge to cover everything from leadership to personnel management, and more.

Key Skills


  • Resource management – you’ll understand how to manage all aspects of a business, from revenue, to personnel, to marketing, and more.
  • Project management – one of the key components of an Administration degree is that you’ll learn how to execute from a management role.
  • Organizational leadership – Being an effective leader is important aspect to every company and it’s often what sets successful companies apart from bad ones.


Careers with a Business Administration Degree

  • HR Manager
  • Sales Department Manager
  • Operations Management
  • Anything C-suite


How Much Can You Make with a Degree in Business Administration?


  • Controller/Manager Level Career: $63,000 average
  • Director Level Career: $82,000 average
  • Executive Level Career: $100k and up

How Do You Know if it’s Right for You

For people who really find a sense of pride in owning and operating their own business, or enjoy the role of management, business admin will set you up with a skill profile that can be applied anywhere. Every company in the country is looking for excellent managers and people to help lead their companies towards success.

International Business Degrees

An international business degree is similar to a business administration degree in a lot of way except that your scope is a lot wider. Instead of focusing on management of personnel and revenue, you’ll be dealing more with international relationships, regulations, investments, and more.

Key Skills


  • Cross-cultural Communication – As an international business major, your key focus will be on learning how to navigate the business community on an international scale, learning everything from international customs, cultural differences, and more.
  • Networking – Business is still largely done in person, so effective networking skills are key to success in any business scenario.
  • Growth and Risk Analysis – Because you’ll be dealing with a lot of international analysis, you’ll get a strong understanding of growth and risk analysis in respects to international trends and regulations.


Careers with a International Business Degree

  • Financial Analyst
  • Stock Broker
  • Product Manager
  • Economist
  • Consultant Foreign Exchange Trader
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Trade Specialist


How Much Can You Make with a Degree in International Business?


  • International Financial Management – $115,320
  • Management Analyst – $80,880
  • International Marketing Manager – $123,450
  • Translator / Interpreter – $43,590


How Do You Know if it’s Right for You

The key aspect for international business majors is going to be the desire to work in business on an international scale. You’ve got to like to travel and work with other cultures. International Business involves a lot of communication on a business level on down to interpersonal.

Marketing Degrees

Marketing is the largest specialization within business administration. If a successful business creates revenue, the marketers are the ones that drive that number up. Marketing is a high intensity job that requires both technical skills and soft skills to be effective.

Key Skills


  • The Ability to Understand Human Behavior – Excelling at marketing comes down to knowing how humans behave, it’s how you figure out how to sell them things that they want, or get your brand in front of them when they’re ready to buy.
  • Data Analysis – Despite more creative skills, you’ll also learn how to analyze data, marketing channels, and more to know how to effectively spend marketing budget.
  • Graphic Design and Tech Skills– A lot of Marketing works comes down to making pretty things for people to look at, so you’ll learn how to create and analyze ads across all media.

Careers with a Business Marketing Degree

  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • PR Specialist
  • Account Manager
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Operations Manager


How Much Can You Make with a Degree in Business Marketing?


  • Starting salary – $53,4001
  • Director level salary – $121,7442
  • VP level salary – tops out at $222,2763

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How Do You Know if it’s Right for You

Marketing is a very intense industry to work in. Not only are you dealing with teams and agencies, you’ll also be dealing with needy clients. It can be a stressful job at times as you’ll often be asked to strategies, execute, and more.

Sport Management Degrees

At its core, sports is a business. Player salaries, payroll, stadium, merchandising, also make up key parts of one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. Sports admin takes all the key components of marketing, business administration, and other specialities and combines them to successfully manage players, teams, and – most importantly – fans.

Key Skills


  • Finance – It all comes down to the money in sports marketing and every sports manager will have a key insight into both commercial and personal finance.
  • Marketing – Players and teams are commodities and you’ll need to be aware of how perception can raise or lower a potential financial outcome for a player or team.
  • Networking – It’s all about who you know.

Careers with a Sport Management Degree

  • Sports Agent
  • General Manager
  • Talent Scout
  • Promotions Manager

How Much Can You Make with a Degree in Sport Management?


  • Coaches and Scouts – $30,640
  • Sports Agent – $64,200
  • Sports Marketing Manager – $127,130


How Do You Know if it’s Right for You

Similar to a business marketing degree, sport management is going to be a high intensity job that is going to require a lot of interpersonal skills to do it well. Additionally, you’ll need to love sports.


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