9 Reasons to Get an Accounting Degree

Let’s be honest, accounting doesn’t really inspire most people the way other high stress/high reward careers do. Accountants are often portrayed as nerdy, number crunchers locked away in some cubicle. But the career of accounting actually presents some very unique opportunities that appeal to a lot of people – everything from work/life balance, to pay scale, to flexibility. Continue reading “9 Reasons to Get an Accounting Degree”

A Mathematics Degree Opens Up Your Future

Mathematics is empowering, especially in today’s world. Think about it: Aspects of both the natural world and the man-made world can often be described, analyzed, and even predicted with mathematics. The use of probability and statistics helps us model and predict the stock market, weather patterns, and biological phenomena. The study of calculus and rates of change forms the basis for tackling many engineering projects. The internet, computer networks, and social networks like Facebook can all be modeled with discrete mathematics.   Continue reading “A Mathematics Degree Opens Up Your Future”

The Benefits of a Christian Education

Located in the Appalachian foothills of the South Carolina Upstate, North Greenville University (NGU) offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to traditional and adult learners with a Christian liberal arts curriculum. Founded in 1892, NGU is a private institution of higher learning accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The university maintains long standing affiliations with the Southern Baptist Convention and the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

The Christ-centered focus one expects from faith-based universities and Christian universities defines the experience that students benefit from at North Greenville University. Continue reading “The Benefits of a Christian Education”

Foundational Theology Certificate: 3 People Who Should Get This Certificate

Are you looking to strengthen your knowledge in biblical, missiological, and theological areas and use your gifts to help fulfill the Great Commission? North Greenville University offers a professional undergraduate foundational theology certificate for those who are in or aspire to be in the mission field. It’s a one-year 13-credit program that can be completed fully online, offering flexibility if you have career or family obligations. Continue reading “Foundational Theology Certificate: 3 People Who Should Get This Certificate”

How to Prepare for Church Planting With a Church Planting & Revitalization Certificate

As a faith-based institution, North Greenville University offers a church planting & revitalization certificate for those led to spread the Gospel with others. Within the program, you’ll enhance your skills in interpreting the Bible, teaching Christian fundamentals, and growing a disciple-making congregation. The certificate promotes Christian values and aligns practical knowledge with your spiritual goals. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Church Planting With a Church Planting & Revitalization Certificate”

Ditch the 9-to-5 with a Professional Investigation Certificate

A career in investigation is far from the average 9-5 job. Your day-to-day tasks may take you in and out of the office depending on your cases. Although there are many avenues to this fulfilling discipline, a typical professional certified investigator stays busy conducting research, interviews, and surveillance out in the field. Continue reading “Ditch the 9-to-5 with a Professional Investigation Certificate”

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