Which Christian Ministries Concentration is Right for You?

A degree in Christian Ministries, whether pursued online or through classroom learning, allows the spiritual formation and practical skill development that students need to become mature Christian leaders in today’s world.

The degree opens various opportunities for students depending on the completed coursework and related examinations. In case a student already has a career in ministry, the program can also help them to go higher in the career ladder.

Before pinning down a particular concentration at North Greenville University, it is important to be aware of what we have available. There are four different concentrations to allow you to choose the one that is right for you.

Biblical Studies Concentration

Biblical studies concentration is one of the areas that students can choose to specialize in when they pursue a Christian Ministries degree at North Greenville University. The Biblical studies concentration is designed to provide learners with a solid Biblical foundation.

This means that students who choose the concentration will graduate with the tools to understand the contents of the Bible, what they mean, and how they can be applied in real life.

Covering both the Old and New Testament, you will be able to exhibit deep knowledge and clear understanding of God’s word and how it applies to today’s society. Through the communication skills taught at the university, online biblical studies will help you to interact with the world as you seek to achieve your life’s mission.

Ministry Concentration

Our ministry concentration is designed to prepare students to take an active role in Christian ministry. This requires that ministry students learn ways of transforming the biblical theory into practical knowledge. There are four main objectives of this program, one of which is the knowledge of the Bible as a way of taking society back to the scripture as a foundation for living.

The ministry concentration also incorporates the aspect of developing a close relationship with Christ, a factor that helps to bring people back to God. The theoretical and practical knowledge will help students to achieve a balanced life as they carry out their work.

Theology Concentration

The theology concentration is meant to give students an understanding of the diversity in theological studies by revealing to students the relevance of Christian theology in their daily lives and the values they cherish.

Some of the courses you will cover when you enroll for an online theology degree include Biblical texts and topics, historical theology, Christian ethics, sacramental theology and Christian spirituality. By acquiring this knowledge, you will be better equipped to reflect carefully on both Christian belief and practice. Students will also examine the similarities and differences between the past and present churches. Upon graduating, you will become a leader, servant, and reconciler in the church as well as in the wider society.

Youth Ministry Minor

If your calling has a lot to do with youth, an online youth ministry minor will prepare you to take a leadership role when it comes to the relationship between God and young people. A concentration in youth ministry will provide you the wisdom and practical knowledge to help young men and women in society to deal with the issues they face in the modern world.

Through the coursework and field experience, you will learn about topics such as adolescent development, critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, theological reflection as well as counseling. If you love working with young people, especially those from diverse backgrounds and cultures, this would be the right concentration for you. It will prepare you for a fulfilling career in ministry once you qualify.

In the end, all these concentrations will lead to careers as deacons, missionaries, church planters, and pastors. Your choice should be based on your interests as well as the specific career path you would like to follow.

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