Online Criminal Justice Degree vs Traditional Criminal Justice Degree

While both the online criminal justice and traditional criminal justice programs offered by North Greenville University prepare the student for a career in criminal justice, you are likely to notice that there are features that make the programs alike, while on the other hand there are distinctive features that set the two degrees apart.

Online Degree

The online criminal justice program at North Greenville University is suited for professionals who are already working in the criminal justice systems and they wish to advance their careers. This degree program presents an opportunity for the professionals to expand their knowledge on the functioning of criminal justice systems. If you are interested in honing your knowledge in law enforcement, corrections, or the courts while holding on to your current position, then online criminal justice program is the best option.

Classwork is delivered by highly trained faculty members who will expose learners of online criminal justice program to extensive knowledge in judicial process, research methodology, law enforcement operations, corrections structure, career development strategy, conflict resolution, and mediation.

Because students for online criminal justice degree are working towards deepening their understanding in criminal justice, they have an opportunity to choose a particular concentration of the course. The elective options available include:

  • American National Government
  • Careers and Networking Strategies
  • Business Law I
  • Legal Issues
  • Criminal Justice Internship II
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Criminal Justice Internship III
  • Current Issues in the Public Square
  • Writing for Criminal Justice and Legal Professionals
  • Cybercrime
  • Criminal Justice Internship IV
  • Ethics and Politics
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Servant Leadership
  • Principles of Leadership
  • State and Local Government
  • Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • Special Topics

Traditional Classroom Degree

On the other hand, the criminal justice and legal studies degree (our traditional classroom degree program) at North Greenville University is a perfect choice for people who desire to start a career in criminal justice. The students in this field are highly trained to work in different positions within the criminal justice system. They can work as crime scene investigators, criminal profilers, secret service, and FBI agents.

Classwork for the criminal justice and legal studies major encompasses gaining solid knowledge on legal issues and processes, crime scene investigation techniques, theories of criminal behavior, ethical issues for law enforcers, best practices of policing and, forensics and criminal profiling.

Criminal justice and legal studies only equips learners with general knowledge in criminal justice, which is instrumental in gaining entry to a criminal justice career. There are no specific areas for students to specialize, instead their options are open.

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The Similarities

All the courses offered by North Greenville University are firmly grounded on Christian values. The university combines learning and Christianity to produce professionals with in-depth biblical understanding. The university has incorporated Christian teaching to its online and traditional CJ degree programs.

The curriculum of both the programs are designed to offer theoretical and practical perspectives of the course. Learning combines classwork, internships, work study, and field trips. It is mandatory for each student to undertake internship, which gives them an opportunity to interact with established professionals in the particular field. This is important in equipping the learners with invaluable skills needed in their careers.

The most important aspect about programs offered by NGU is the cadre of professionals that deliver the courses. Faculty members possess extensive experience that they pass to learners. Whether you choose an online or traditional criminal justice degree, North Greenville University is the stepping stone to a successful criminal justice career.

Each program has a different mode of learning. In order for students to gain practical career experience, online criminal justice degree learners are mainly involved in law examinations, terrorism prevention assignments, evidence gathering and report writing. For classroom students, learning is centered on field trips to understand the functioning of courts and legislatures, working closely with law enforcement agencies, visits to forensic laboratories and learning mediation and tactical defense through virtual law enforcement simulations.

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