6 Reasons Why Getting an Online Christian Ministries Degree is Right for You

Regardless of whether you opt for online or on-campus learning, a Christian Ministries degree at North Greenville University is designed to prepare you for servant leadership through a biblical-based education. If you are passionate about the Christian community, leadership, and counseling, this would be a great option for you.

With the convenience that comes with online learning, an online Christian Ministries degree would be great for a student who wishes to pursue further studies while working as well as one who would want to obtain their degree from a distant country. All in all, there are several reasons to get online ministry degree.

1. Flexibility

An online Christian Ministries degree is flexible enough to allow you to plan your study time around your day. With ability to work around existing family, work, and ministry obligations, NGU is able to offer career-boosting education opportunities to those who aren’t able to attend a traditional classroom setting on campus. It also means that you will be able to study at your convenience, for instance, when you are at your peak energy, a factor that will help you cover more of the coursework and improve how you understand the concepts. You will also be able to access all the course materials online, eliminating the need to visit the library.

2. Available Concentrations

The Online Christian Ministries degree at North Greenville University presents you with several concentrations from which you can choose. The four tracks available are Biblical Studies Concentration, Ministry Concentration, Theology Concentration, and Youth Ministry Minor. The concentration that you choose will significantly influence your career path and your curriculum. Most other ministry programs aren’t able to offer such a variety of concentrations due to limits on faculty and resources, however, that’s not an issue with our online program.

3. Number of Electives

When it comes to electives, students who pursue the online degree will have a total of 50 electives from which to choose. The available electives include Old Testament Theology, Pastoral Epistles, Administration in the Pastorate, Biblical Counseling, Ethics and Politics, James, John and Introduction to World Religions, among many, many others. You can view all the available electives here [linkto:http://www.ngu.edu/online-christian-ministries.php%5D. The various electives offered through the online ministry program will equip you with the knowledge you need for a successful career in Christian ministry.

4. Qualified Faculty

At North Greenville University, we have qualified faculty for every degree program. When you pursue your Christian Ministries degree online, you will have access to the faculty at any time of day. This will ensure that by the time you graduate, you will not only have knowledge of the Bible and theology but will also be able to apply it effectively.

5. Ability to Improve Your Career

Once you complete the coursework and pass your exams, you will have more career opportunities available to you. If you were already in the job market, you can advance your career. Graduating students who enter the marketplace for the first time will be able to become church planters, deacons, missionaries, nonprofit leads, elders or pastors.

6. Affordability

The tuition fees paid for an online Christian Ministries degree will be much lower than that paid for on-campus learning. However, students will also save a significant amount of money in associated costs. You will not have to commute to and from college. You will also not have to buy course materials such as books since the materials will be available online.

Hopefully with this information, you will no longer have to ask yourself, “should I get a Christian ministry degree?” You’re probably asking yourself, “What Christian Ministry concentration should I pick?”

If you would like to enjoy these advantages as you pursue your degree, kindly enroll in one of these programs at North Greenville University.

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