What Will You Learn in Our Online Criminal Justice Program?

North Greenville University’s online criminal justice degree combines the career opportunities associated with a prestigious degree in law with the flexibility, cost, and convenience that only comes with online coursework. While online learning isn’t for everyone, it greatly reduces the active time commitment required in most classroom settings. NGU also offers a traditional criminal justice degree, but due to the limitations of the classroom setting, it provides a much more general curriculum. The online criminal justice degree has the decided advantage of offering plenty of electives for students to pursue.

Overall, the goal of our online criminal justice program is for our students to gain knowledge in the following subjects:

  • report writing
  • information gathering
  • law examination
  • evidence gathering
  • terrorism prevention

These are essential skills for any criminal justice graduate to have in order to serve their office to their full potential. Our degree plan also provides a concrete knowledge of:

  • law enforcement operations
  • judicial process
  • corrections structure
  • research methodology
  • conflict resolution and mediation
  • career development strategy

The curriculum of our online criminal justice program will provide a foundation in all the facets of the profession listed above from a Christian perspective. As your coursework moves from general classes to more specific, the focus of the degree will shift from theoretical towards practical application.

All of our CJ students, both online and traditional, have an opportunity to build a portfolio around their studies that showcase individual experience. That work will go towards your credit hours. NGU also works to place grads in an internship based on their area of study.

By acquiring the degree, you’ll come to understand all the facets of the criminal justice system and the role that Christian ethics plays in the justice system. Graduates will leave with an expert knowledge in criminal justice, real life experience in the field, and the skills to pursue any of the following careers:

  • Border patrol agent
  • Corrections officer
  • Court support
  • FBI agent
  • Federal law enforcement
  • Game warden
  • Military
  • Police officer
  • Probation officer

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