Why NGU is the Best Christian University in the Southeast

There’s a certain solidarity that comes along with being a Christian-based university. We attract a special kind of student – one that understands the value of moral and ethics and seeks a place to where they can practice and apply them to their everyday lives.

Christian universities are known for the high discipline, high education standards, and the warm welcome they give to everyone who goes there. The Southeast has a strong Christian tradition and some of our country’s most notable educational institutions were founded with Christian ideals in mind.

So we’d like to take a minute today and recognize NGU as one of the top Christian universities that offer an impeccable education through the lens of Christianity in the Southeast.

Why the Southeast?

For some, staying close to family and friends is a determining factor when it comes to where you attend college. For so many of our students, the southern United States is where they like to call home – from the people, to the food, to the climate, to the pervasive sense of Southern hospitality – living anywhere else is out of the question.

Our campus, nestled in the hills of South Carolina, emanates Southern comfort. Our faculty and support staff might come from a wide background, but we’re all here for the same reason: we love North Greenville.

What Makes North Greenville the BEST?

If you are looking for a school with the best academics, NCAA Div. II athletics, a vibrant student life, extracurricular activities as well as a place you can call home, then this is the place to be. The students, as well as the staff, are always energized and very friendly, and the campus, nestled in the rolling hills of South Carolina is heaven sent.

We offer great undergraduate programs – both online and traditional settings – and have one of the largest programs dedicated to Christian ministry in the Southeast. Some of our theological ministry based programs include Intercultural Studies, Youth Ministry, Church Music, Media Ministry, Apologetics, and many, many more. In addition to our Christian-based curriculum, we also offer Business, Education, Fine Arts, Humanities, and Communication programs as well.

Additionally, the school is located in a great place. It is surrounded by the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains which offers the students an opportunity to hike and engage in outdoor activities. And if you like the downtown vibe, just minutes away is the award-winning city of Greenville, which both Livability.com and U.S. News and World Report have called a best place to live in the U.S.

Compared to other Christian colleges, NGU is the perfect school for those looking to take advantage of faith and learning. We believe there is a place for both individuality and Christian faith on campus, and that the combination of the two makes for the best educational environment.

Last but not least, NGU is the perfect size. Yes, we are a private college, but our student body is big enough so that you don’t feel cloistered in place. Our campus has a “small town” feel, where if you don’t know somebody personally, you’ll have a connection to someone who does. That type of campus allows our students and our faculty to create strong, Christian bonds with each other and form relationships that last well after college.

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