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Introduction to Masters in Education degree

A Masters in Education degree is a multifaceted discipline that is geared towards moving beyond the classroom and exploring the education system as a whole. It allows learners to explore the education from different perspectives creating an in-depth understanding of the field, enabling learners to deal with present day demands in the industry.

The North Greenville University Masters in Education (M.Ed) degree is a 36-hour program with three formats of study (on-campus, online, and hybrid). NGU allows for five start dates throughout the year affording you ample time to prepare for your commencement. NGU provides learners a Christ-centered learning space enhancing personal growth during the pursuit of the program.

What the Curriculum is Like

The NGU Masters in Education features a diverse 12-course program which can be completed in as little as 12 months. The program aims at elevating learners competencies to achieve a more collaborative and reflective ability. This enables learners to be more prepared to tackle the ever-changing classroom needs.

The Christ-centered curriculum explores a range of educational solutions in its content. From the first course EDU 5000, which analyzes emerging trends and issues in K-12 schools to the research based EDU 6000; the learner is able to attain relevant skills to make an impact in the education sector.

M.Ed Career Opportunities

There are several lucrative M.Ed careers one can pursue after completing the degree.

You can choose to be an Institutional Coordinator, which can earn you about $60,000 annually. This career option requires you to hold a Masters in Education as a basic requirement. The projected job growth in this space is set at 7% currently representing a huge opportunity for those who pursue it.

Also, graduates can take on leadership positions in their schools. If you desire a principal position, a principal state licensure is required. A school principal takes home around $90,000 annually, and the projected job growth in this space is set at 6% currently. Further, you can also work part-time as an educational consultant. Consultants specialize in in specific areas and are tasked with improving curriculums and implementing policy. You can earn as much as $90,000 working as a professional educational consultant.

Impact of M.Ed Jobs in Society

It goes without saying that education is transformational to society. As such, having a Masters in Education enables you to create real life solutions based on your working environment. Take an example of working as a consultant; your expertise and advice can fuel radical change to a curriculum. An improved curriculum is able to develop top-notch professionals capable of addressing the 21st-century issues in various fields.

Working as a school principal enables you to guide an innovative vision in your school, enabling learners to pursue quality education in a conducive environment.

At NGU, we aim at instilling Christian values in our learners enabling them to make a Christ-like impact in their environment. We educate our learners to be Christ-led educators with a sense of duty and purpose.

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