The Best Advice We’ve Heard for Getting an M.Ed.

As a forty year veteran teacher, new teachers often ask me, “Why should I get a M.Ed.?” The reasons are practical, personal, and professional.

The practical reasons for getting this degree is that it gives you a $2,000+ pay raise that translates to $60,000+ real dollars in your bank account in 30 years, not to mention the exponential value added to your retirement! An expert told me recently this would be calculated at more than $150,000 additional retirement dollars if done within the first three years of beginning education as a career! What other way can you earn this kind of return on investment? This puts you in charge of your future!

The personal reasons for getting a master’s degree are as numerous as the individual, but if you choose wisely, the degree can lead to a different certification that will broaden your career options or fulfill additional requirements that you must complete for recertification. For example, North Greenville University has constructed its M.Ed. so that the 12 required hours for Read to Succeed recertification, is imbedded within the degree. These four reading courses are mandatory in the state of South Carolina for all early childhood and elementary teachers. This means you are, killing two birds with one stone. Smart, right?

The professional reasons are probably the most compelling because they are at the heart of why you became a teacher in the first place. You want to help children become the best they can be, and to do this, you must constantly learn and grow yourself. I often hear, “I don’t know how to help this sixth grade dyslexic child” or “I have a new student from Russia that doesn’t speak English, what can I do?” or “I’ve been asked to write a grant for my grade level, and I don’t know how.”

Teaching is both an art and a craft, and it must be refined in both areas as we discover ourselves and our students. We can study our craft best from experts in the field and in concert with other like-minded students. At North Greenville, we have knowledgeable, caring, professors that are constantly looking for ways to make the courses relevant to the classroom. We work with students to ensure that they have successful learning experiences, and we also grow along with them.

God commands us in 2 Timothy 2:15, Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. (KJV) We believe you can follow this command in the outstanding M.Ed. programs at North Greenville University. Won’t you give us a try?

Dr. Mary Ann Solesbee, Professor Graduate School of Education

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