Campus Ministries Opportunities Abound at NGU

Know, grow, and go are three verbs that characterize the mission of North Greenville University’s campus ministries. Our prayer is for students to know and receive Christ as Lord, to grow in their faith, and to go (locally and globally) to share the good news of Christ with everyone.

You have many campus ministry opportunities to plug in to at NGU.

Chapel meets twice weekly for the university community to worship together.

Bible Studies on a variety of topics and issues are available. Some are led by faculty and staff while others are student-led.

Life Groups consist of three people of the same gender who meet weekly to discuss scripture, prayer, and accountability.

Prayer Ministry involves groups and individuals who often gather at the Prayer Chapel to grow in Christ and pray for others, our nation, people in leadership, and global needs.

Media Ministry provides all audio and visual needs on campus. Students are trained to capture, communicate, and present the gospel through media. The team provides live and post audio/visual production, stage lighting, and graphic design.

Women’s Ministries offers topical Bible studies designed for coeds to dig deeper into the Word of God, mentoring, connecting you with Life Groups, and leadership training.

Church Relations manages and schedules BCM ministry teams including Joyful Sound, The NGU Campus Band, ACT II, and the Weekend Impact Teams. Church Relations also helps connect students with ministry opportunities through local churches. The team assists students with Church Related Vocations Scholarship through the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

You can join ministry organizations.

BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) is the oldest and largest Christian organization on campus. BCM is student driven, providing a weekly worship time on Thursday nights. Through BCM students have opportunities to grow in Christ and serve others. BCM provides weekly luncheons for commuting students that are provided by local churches and the university family. BCM missions provide students with opportunities to serve others locally and globally. BCM also sponsors several ministry teams including:

Joyful Sound, two student musical ensembles and a five-piece band, calls people to worship, receive the gospel, and encourage others. The teams minister primarily to local churches and youth gatherings. Members are selected through applications, auditions, and interviews.

NGU Campus Band leads chapel worship music once a week and leads worship off campus at student and church events. Members are selected through applications, auditions, and interviews.

ACT II is a drama troupe sponsored by BCM and the Theatre Department. Working with churches, schools, and nonprofit organizations, the ACT II team presents the message of the gospel through creative drama presentations.

Impact Teams make a difference for Christ ministering to churches and through mission projects. Team members are selected through an application and training process.

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is a student-led organization driven by intercollegiate athletes and coaches, but all students are welcome to participate. FCA provides worship opportunities, small groups, and ministry involvement on and off campus.

The Center for Global Engagement plans the annual Global Impact Conference, recruits, trains, and leads student mission teams, and provides cross-cultural training.

TCK Fellowship provides opportunities for Third Culture Kids at NGU to build relationships with others who are a long way from home. If you are a TCK, be sure to drop by the Center for Global Engagement to meet our team.

While students attend NGU in preparation for professional roles in the marketplace, we also encourage them at the same time, to find ways to develop their ministry gifts and make a difference right here in the community, in South Carolina, and throughout the Southeast.

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