Campus Broadcasting Prepares Students for A Career On Air

A career in broadcasting is quite alluring, especially with the prospect that one could land a TV role in a national network. However, becoming a household name is not easy, and it will probably involve lots of hard work and practical experience.

North Greenville University offers a broadcasting degree as one of our Communications Degree majors. Students studying in the program have amazing opportunities to develop experience, like joining the school’s radio station, Vision Radio and the TV station, Vision TV. Being a part of either the TV or radio station is likely to help with your career in the future by gaining real world broadcasting experience.

A Broadcasting Degree at NGU

This degree is found under the Mass Communication Department of NGU and is aimed at arming the student with the correct tools to enable them to thrive in the field of broadcasting.

While pursuing the degree, you should expect to spend a lot of time creating and editing videos, producing podcasts or radio segments, using cameras and microphones, and documenting campus life and other local events. The major is designed to get you acquainted with all aspects of broadcasting from writing stories to working the equipment. In your final year, you will create a portfolio with all the work you will have done in the course of your time in the Broadcast Media major.

The curriculum of the major is aimed at aiding you to the overcome the media challenges experienced in this digital era. This will ultimately lead you to specialize in either of these three majors:

  • broadcast media
  • digital media
  • media ministry

The minors in this degree include communication, digital media, broadcast media, and mass communication. On the other hand, the electives that you can choose from including advanced audio production, broadcast journalism, documentary production, film production, mass media management, sports broadcasting, and studio producing and directing, among others. But you have the ability to choose what electives you want to specialize in.

How Vision Radio and Vision TV Help Students Prepare Future Careers

As indicated above, a broadcasting degree will direct you to get either journalism jobs or radio ones. Working at Vision Radio and Vision TV on campus will enable you to develop a better skillset for use in your career.

This is how:

Helps You To Gain Confidence

One of the most essential traits of a radio presenter or a TV anchor is confidence. Confidence is catchy, and some of your fans will tune in just because of your self-assured attitude. Working at Vision Radio and at Vision TV helps you to gain confidence that will be critical for future radio jobs and TV jobs.

Enables You To Get Hands-On Experience

Vision Radio and Vision TV are adequately equipped just as national TV or radio station would be. While working at these places, whether as a presenter, director or camera person, you will gain the experience away from the literature. These are skills that you will use in your future career.

Enables One To Make Smart Decisions Under Pressure

When live, whether on TV or radio, as an announcer or when behind the scenes, glitches are bound to happen. Working at Vision TV and Vision Radio won’t be perfect, and mistakes will probably happen. Learning to make the right decisions under pressure is a good skill that will be ultimately useful when you are working in your broadcast career.

Enables Effectiveness

Each show that is produced has a goal. What are you passionate about? Faith? Politics? Women empowerment? Sports? When working at the university level, you will learn to be effective, and this enables you to have a following for your course.

A broadcast media degree at NGU involves more than just books and theories. It also involves hands-on experience through working at these two stations, Vision Radio and Vision TV. This will ultimately greatly influence your career in broadcasting in the long run.

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