Why did you choose the NGU program?

A very influential lady, Dr. Tawana Scott, approached me about an opportunity when she was in a project management class of mine at Carolina Computer Training. Through multiple conversations, I deemed this was the right time, cost and fit– although I had been thinking about getting my masters for years.

Were you onsite, online or a hybrid student?

Hybrid, due to my work schedule. It worked out great for the most part. The only class that I really wished I could have taken in the classroom was Econ and it was not offered during the first summer session due to lack of enrollment, which I understand. That class was very difficult for me to learn online.

What good experience(s) have you had with the MBA program?

Two things stand out. I really enjoyed bringing my faith into the conversations surrounding business. It’s part of who I am, and it’s difficult to discuss ethics, organizational issues, etc., without bringing it into the discussion. I have had to suppress this aspect in the business world due to requirements from my employers, so developing and articulating this aspect in some of the classes, and seeing how others did this, was enriching. The second was that I really enjoyed most of my professors and discussing relevant issues/projects/topics with another professional in a classroom setting. Most of my professors allowed me to work on current projects and gave great feedback that helped the project as a whole. It was nice to get some work done while attending school.

Would you recommend the program to others?

Absolutely! I will be an ambassador for NGU going forward. It was a great fit and the cost was a fraction of some other top MBA programs researched.

Where are you currently working?

Agent Technologies, Inc. dba TechTraining. [This] is my company since 2005.

What do you plan to do with the degree?

Aside from enriching topics already taught, it will allow me to obtain additional instructional jobs. I have already integrated quite a bit of my MBA education into my project management and supplementary classes. As mentioned before our teams worked on several projects that were relevant to my work and have been or are currently being implemented. A few examples include, developing an online video library for project management from the Entrepreneur class, a project/new process in Operations Management on providing availability from adjuncts to the program manager at Greenville Technical College, and utilizing organizational behavior and quantitative statistics to pull together marketing materials for a customer. I highly encourage professors in this program to allow students to work on “real” projects so that the enormous time spent on the projects can be put to good use rather than just obtain a grade!

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Written by Dr. Tracy Kramer, Dean of North Greenville University’s Graduate School of Business


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