Everything You Can Do With an Early Childhood Education Degree

North Greenville University’s Early Childhood Education program opens the door to numerous rewarding careers. Early childhood education careers are growing at a faster rate than most occupations in the U.S. It is a wonderful time to be venturing into this field.

At North Greenville, we prepare students to teach in public schools. Early Childhood certification includes grades PreK4 through third grade.

Public School Teacher

Public school teachers prepare students for secondary and collegiate education. In addition to an early childhood education degree, public school teachers require licensing or certification at the state level. Public school teacher positions are expected to grow at 7% over the next decade. This is about the average growth rate for U.S. occupations in general.

  • The median salary for public school teachers is $55,490/year.

Other areas that students can consider for job opportunities include:

Childcare Director

Childcare directors oversee the day-to-day running of a preschool or childcare center. They hire, manage and lead the center’s staff; create the program’s curriculum and handle budgeting. It is a perfect position for someone who is comfortable leading others and looks for opportunities beyond direct teaching. According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor, the childcare director position is poised to grow at an 11% rate, which is more rapid then the US occupational average.

  • The national average salary for such early childhood education jobs is $45,790/year.

Children’s Ministry Director

Children’s ministry directors oversee the religious direction for children from preschool through elementary school. In some cases, they also minister to high school students and at-risk youth. Their responsibilities include establishing curriculum, presenting sermons to children, leading Bible study and helping youth to grow spiritually.

  • The average national salary for a Children’s Ministry Director is $31,699/year.


Missionaries are called to teach the Word to people who, for whatever reason, have not been open or able to accept it. They seek to improve their communities by educating the populace and helping them live moral lives. Their missions may take place in their own neighborhoods, around the US or in other countries.

  • Salaries for missionaries vary widely depending on the location, type of mission and the local economy.

Preschool Teacher

Preschool teachers instruct and care for young children, generally 5 years of age or younger, who have not yet received formal education. They provide support on socialization and motor skills, teach basic learning skills and otherwise prepare their students for a lifetime of learning. The need for preschool teachers is projected to grow faster than average occupations, including similar positions such as primary, secondary, and special education school teachers.

Private School Teacher

Teaching in a private school environment is much the same as teaching in a public school. The main differences are that the curriculum is open to reflect the desires of the school community and licensing requirements for teachers are different.

  • The average U.S. national salary for a private school teacher is $31,450/year.

Social Worker (this would require a master’s degree)

Social workers help people to face the challenges in their lives. They work with a variety of local and state agencies to make sure that their clients get the care and support they need. While the work can be trying, many find it rewarding to work with those members of society who have the greatest needs. The demand for social workers is expected to expand at 15% over the next decade.

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