Is Getting a General Studies Degree Online Right for Me?

Are you a career-minded professional looking for a degree program to advance your career while working or raising kids? Consider taking a general studies degree online. This program is designed for students who are on the fence about career choices, as it’s a flexible way to earn a degree without necessarily declaring a specific major.

Some companies need employees to have a baccalaureate degree, but not major in a specific field. NGU’s General Studies degree program prepares you to venture into various fields, ranging from legal services to industrial management, and aviation. It enables you to develop enhanced communication skills and reinforce critical thinking. The courses in the degree strengthen your essential abilities of thinking while simultaneously increasing your wide range of skills. The program is ideal for those interested in getting a broad knowledge on various disciplines.

Below are 3 reasons why a General Studies Degree might be right for you.

1. Flexibility

The multidisciplinary approach used in the general studies program gives you the opportunity to choose your coursework based on your strengths and interests carefully. This flexibility allows you to work on your career goals and prepare adequately for further studies.

After completing this course, you can list all the specific skills you have learned in the different courses on your résumé. The flexible nature of this course program is accentuated by the ability to study entirely online. Since it is interdisciplinary, you can take courses from different departments of your interest.

You can set aside your free time to go through classes online. The program does not interrupt your daily schedules and can be undertaken from the comfort of your workplace or home. Since you are allowed to select your core and elective classes when you enroll in this program, it is possible to have full control of your schedule.

2. Career Opportunities

Several careers are available for you once you complete your online bachelor’s degree. You can go up to the level of an assistant manager, become an administrative assistant, receptionist, salesperson, copywriter, interdisciplinary, or even a manager. Bank teller and many other entry-level jobs are available for you once you undertake the course.

According to the National Labor Bureau of Statistics, general studies graduates fit in most jobs. Most of them venture into business administration, management, sales, teaching and social work and human services.

The hands-on experience you get after taking this course sets you apart in the job market. The general studies degree courses have assignments that focus on the practical application at the end of your studies. The focus is applied in a real-world situation and challenges that relate to working adults.

3. Cost-Effective

Getting a general studies degree online is right for you especially when you want to save money and time without compromising on the quality of your education. You can save on commuter costs, and most of the course materials are available online for free. After all, you get to attend to all your duties and responsibilities. This online course is guaranteed to help you fulfill career objectives with minimal changes in your schedule, workplace, and geographical location.

Learning is a holistic approach to life. You don’t have to sacrifice your job and personal commitments when you can get it all online. However, you need discipline, dedication, and hard work to excel.

Are you planning to enroll in a general studies degree soon? What are your expectations? Share it with us.

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