5 Reasons to Choose the Nursing and Biology Dual Degree Program

As large segments of the population are coping with chronic illness and increasing numbers of baby boomers are living well into their eighties and nineties, nursing professionals are in demand more than ever, and that trend is only expected to accelerate, with industry leaders predicting a shortage in the coming decades. If you’re passionate about providing exceptional healthcare from a Christian perspective, a nursing and biology dual degree program may be a good fit for you. Here are five reasons to consider the program at North Greenville University:

1. Solid foundation for a successful nursing career

Our dedicated faculty meet students where they are, providing well-rounded instruction to prepare them to continue their education towards a nursing career. As a biology major, you will begin with general coursework in topics related to health, biodiversity, and physiology. From there, the material becomes more specialized, covering biological principles at the molecular and cellular levels. You will have opportunities to expand and apply your knowledge in faculty-led team research projects, lab and field activities, and internships. As a biology major, specifically, you will be able to participate in presentations, seminars, shadowing, volunteer opportunities, and clinical teaching in areas that are of special interest to you.

2. Expedited dual-degree track

You will be able to earn dual degrees in as little as five years, an endeavor that normally takes six. After four years, you will earn a BS in biology. Upon successfully completing your final year of study, you will be awarded a bachelor of science in nursing and will be well-prepared to pursue advanced nursing degrees in competitive programs.

3. Opportunities to gain clinical experience in a variety of settings

After attending NGU for three years, students will transfer to the Mary Black School of Nursing at the University of South Carolina Upstate, where you will begin your focus on the clinical aspect of your studies. The 11,000-square-foot lab features state-of-the-art hospital equipment and computer-controlled mannequins that can sweat, bleed and give birth.

You will be able to further hone your hands-on skills through USC’s partnerships with other schools, area hospitals, clinics, and a nearby prison. To enhance their bilingual skills and multicultural experience, students may take a foreign language course designed for healthcare professionals, and participate in study abroad trips to places like South Africa and Ecuador.

4. Studying in the context of a biblical worldview

NGU offers a supportive environment with smaller classes, giving you more opportunities to interact with your professors and get to know your classmates. Additionally, students study various subjects in the context of a biblical worldview. You will learn how to fulfill your career from God’s perspective.

5. High success rate

Individuals with advanced knowledge of biology and a bachelor of science in nursing are highly sought-after by employers. When it comes to getting its students into graduate degree programs, NGU has

enjoyed a 90% success rate throughout the last decade, with students pursuing RN, PA, PT, and MD degrees.

The nursing and biology degree program at NGU equips you with the skills and perspective to excel in your chosen healthcare field while serving your community with a Christ-centered mindset.

Learn more about the new biology and nursing dual degree program.

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