Types of Music Degrees – Which is Right for Me?

Within the College of Fine Arts, the school provides undergraduate degrees in music/liberal arts, music education, music performance, and music worship studies. You may be deciding to attend NGU as a music major to pursue a music degree, but are wondering which degree program to choose. The four major areas of music offer something different for students. Here is some additional information to help you decide which music degree program is right for you. Students enrolled in the music degree program are allowed to further develop their love for music as either an instrumentalist or vocalist. Students learn different aspects of music including history and the cultural placement, theory, and analytics, as well as the unique language of music and how to apply this knowledge through the refinement of performance skills.

Music/Liberal Arts

Students in the liberal arts general music degree program will take a variety of courses in music, as well as proficiency in keyboarding and performance. The program also allows flexibility for students to explore other academic coursework along the way to earning a bachelor of arts degree in music. With a music degree in your pocket, students may venture into opening a studio, performing in a chamber or orchestral group, or further your studies in the pursuit of a graduate degree.

Music Education

Students in the music education degree program not only develop their individual talent and performance skills, they also learn how to create an efficient classroom environment, develop a standards-based curriculum, and implement effective classroom instruction. If you enjoy working with others and helping to develop their love for music, the music education program is what you want to consider. Participation in the program with classes in theory, applied music, theory, and teaching practices will lead to a bachelor of music education degree. Music education graduates are SC certified K-12 instructors allowing the choice of teaching in any elementary, middle, or high school music classroom.

Music Performance

The music performance major is the program you want if you have aspirations as a musician and performing artist. The program gives you the musician tools, skills, and confidence to leave NGU and make your mark in the music world as a performing musician or to enter graduate school. The curriculum provides you with opportunities to perform, recite, learn applied music theories, and how to arrange your own musical compositions.

Music Worship Studies

The music worship studies is another music major program offered at NGU.  You will use the knowledge gained in the classroom through performance and theory to lead a church music program. If you wish to use your musical ability to serve God in a music leadership program, this is the degree program for you.

Find Out More About the Music Program at NGU and determine which major best applies to your interest. The faculty at the Cline School of Music hold doctorate degrees or other qualifications in the discipline of music. The experience and talent these professionals bring to the classroom will help further instill your own love for music and further develop your own talent and skills.

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