10 Things You Didn’t Know About NGU

You probably already know the basics of the acclaimed faith-based college, North Greenville University. But there just may be some tidbits about this southern Christian university that will surprise you!

  1. We’ve already celebrated our quasquicentennial! Yep, that mouthful of a word means that the faith based college has been around for more than 125 years. NGU was officially founded in 1892.
  2. NGU started as a high school. Concerned citizens decided it was time to create an upper-grade institution for northern Greenville County. The remote, hilly region made it hard for local teens to attend other schools so the campus naturally expanded. The institution didn’t start offering college-level courses until 1934.
  3. NGU’s very first yearbook had a somewhat colorful name – at least for a Baptist school publication. “The Moonshiner” made its debut in 1919. (It was later given the more dignified name of “The Aurora.”)
  4. Our professors are super popular and that’s a scientific fact. CBS Moneywatch ranked NGU second on its list of “Top 25 American Colleges and Universities with the Best Professors.” In addition, the Center for College Affordability and Productivity placed NGU 5th for best professors—and 1st place in southern colleges! (source)
  5. There’s such a thing as “Christian Alternative” music and we “vibe” to it! Our radio station, WNGR-LP, prides itself on finding and promoting new Christian artists, as well as more mainstream acts. Catch the spirit on 95.5 FM, “The Vibe.”
  6. One of our several notable alumni is Chris Sligh, a Season 6 American Idol finalist. The curly-haired vocalist was an audience favorite, in part because he sometimes tangled with the famously grumpy Simon Cowell. Following his Top 10 placement on Idol, Sligh’s gone on to great success on Christian music charts.
  7. We’re 10 degrees hot! NGU’s ten distinct degree programs include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Education, Master of Music Education, Master of Business Administration, Master of Christian Ministry, Doctor of Education, Master of Medical Science, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry.
  8. You don’t have to be pursuing a ministry-focused major or degree in order to participate in NGU’s ministry outreach. Our campus ministry program is open to all students. It allows them to participate in our many global programs and missions. About 400 NGU students take part annually.
  9. NGU is an All-Steinway School. That’s the official term for the prestigious designation that no other Southern Baptist School has. In fact, only 100 institutions in the world can claim it. Being an All-Steinway school means that our Cline School of Music students practice and perform only on Steinways. NGU even boasts a Steinway Artist on its faculty, Fabio Parrini.
  10. Don’t look for a white building if you have to meet your professor at White Hall. The building—which is the oldest on campus—was actually named after the Reverend L. B. White. Rather than white-colored, it’s a handsome two-story red brick building. Not much has changed on its exterior in the last 90 years, including the white-columned porch at the entrance. White Hall was completed in 1930, but underwent extensive renovations in the 90s.



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