What Can I Do With a General Studies Degree?

The online general studies degree supplies skill in communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and understanding different cultures helping alumni in many different types of jobs. The top three high paying jobs for employees with a general studies degree are account director, editorial director and director of public relations (source).

An account director manages the paperwork that keeps accounts current. An Editorial Director is responsible for the content of the books or other materials produced by the business (usually within a publishing company). A director of public relations oversees the public relations department, responsible for a business’ communications. These types of jobs require the skills obtained by students graduating with a general studies degree – especially in the areas of problem solving, writing and communication.

Our students of the online general studies degree develop skills that provide competence for these jobs as well as the majority of entry-level office jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree.* Job titles for these positions include: administrative assistant, coordinator, specialist, and manager. General studies degree graduates have procured job titles that include director and senior executive.

Mycollegeguide.org lists the top 40 careers available to students with a general studies degree. Below are a few of the general studies degree jobs mentioned (source):

* Director of Public Relations

* Project Manager

* Software Consultant

* Auditor

* General Manager, Hotel

* Technical Writer

* Market Research Analyst

* Social Worker

* Copy Editor

* Content Writer

* Research Assistant

* Bank Teller

Many students in the general studies degree select their minor and elective classes for the career field of their choice. This degree is flexible enough to allow students to individually choose the classes that will offer the skills needed for their choice of careers. Some students are already working in a particular job and choose to complete the general studies degree to help promote them to the next level of their field, such as a manager position. Regardless of whether you are in your chosen career field or preparing to enter it or advance in it, the general studies degree offers you a great foundation for your future success and career achievement goals.

Discover more careers for a general studies degree.

*Note: For an idea of the top ten most employable skills, see this website.

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