Meet Heather Quinn: Online General Studies Graduate

Heather Quinn graduated from the NGU Online general studies degree program with a minor in business in spring of 2017. She was not only a student; but also a mother, barn manager, and riding instructor at Easy Bend Farm in Easley, SC. After graduating from North Greenville University’s general studies degree online program, Heather was accepted into a Masters of Art in Counseling program at Colorado Christian University (CCU) meeting one of her goals she made in her senior portfolio development course. In the course, Heather Quinn realized that her life vision is “to utilize horsemanship in a safe and effective manner to assist in personal development and improve mental health.” Her mission is “to use equine assisted learning and equine assisted psychotherapy to help those in need overcome difficulties with Christian based counseling and sound horsemanship practices.”  

In a recent interview, Heather Quinn responded to the following questions: 

Q: How is your master’s degree going? Are you still attending Colorado Christian University? 

A: “I am a year into the Master of Art in Counseling program at CCU.  The program is Christ-centered and the cohort I am a part of is a close family unit.  The instructors are dedicated and are doing a great job in preparing us to become future professional therapist.  My goal and vision still include utilizing my knowledge of horses to provide equine assisted psychotherapy to those in need of clinical mental health services.” 

Q: How has NGU’s general studies online degree helped you? 

A: “The Online General Studies degree prepared me by improving my computer skills, introducing me to the Blackboard format (which we continue to use at CCU), and building my knowledge base.  The classes in theology were also a constant encouragement in academics and life in general, as well.  I could not be successful in the demands of a master’s level program without the foundation the Online General Studies program at North Greenville provided me.”   

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment since graduating? 

A: “At Residency II, I was accepted into the Kappa Chi Upsilon Chapter at CCU for maintaining a 4.0 GPA in the program so far.  It was a great honor and I look forward to continuing to develop as a student, counselor, and in my faith while participating in the remainder of the program.” 

Q: What are your plans for the future? 

A: “I plan to continue enjoying my family and caring for horses while I complete the program at CCU.  After passing state boards, I then plan to practice as a licensed professional counselor.  Eventually after I have gained experience in the field, I would like to pair counseling with equine assisted psychotherapy in a private practice.” 

Q: What advice would you give to current online students? 

A: “My advice for current students would be to develop the daily discipline it requires to be an online student, and to search for ways to be involved with others in their classes to develop rapport.  The online atmosphere can be rather lonely at times and developing relationships with fellow students and faculty can be a valuable source of encouragement.  We utilize “Zoom” a lot in the program at CCU and it helps to see and talk to others regularly.  Also, the encouragement of Christ-centered programs like those found at NGU and CCU are instrumental in academic journeys, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to have participated in both.” 

Heather is well on her way towards her life purpose, thanks in part to completing her general studies degree online at North Greenville University.   

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