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Looking back over his four-year career at North Greenville, Scotty McCauley is thankful. As a 2018 graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a minor in Accounting, Scotty was well prepared for the workforce, but that is where the hard work began. 

Scotty knew he wanted to work back home in the Charlotte, NC, area, but was having trouble landing a position. After applying for over 50 jobs, Scotty is excited to have found a home at Walmart as an Accounts Payable Discrepancy Analyst. Scotty will be putting his degree to work by auditing invoices from Walmart vendors and making sure it matches Walmart receipts.

Scotty is grateful for the career planning help of the NGU Career Planning Office. He took advantage of many of the services the Office offered. For example, Scotty worked with the Director of Career Planning, Stuart Floyd, to get advice and tweak his resume.>

Based on his experience, Scotty’s advice to those who will be applying for jobs is to be aware of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and “Make sure your resume has these words or phrases that the job description is looking for.” These systems digitally scan resumes for compatibility with the job description. Additionally, Scotty encourages students to “put yourself out there…and network like a maniac.”

As a senior, Scotty attended the NGU career fairs and attended the Spring 2018 NGU Alumni Connect event where he was able to meet Alumni who work in a variety of fields.

As he worked his way through the job search process, Scotty gained knowledge that he is happy to share with those who will be following in his footsteps.

He encourages students to stand out in the sea of applicants by dressing professionally and appearing poised and confident throughout the interview process. Looking back, Scotty would advise job seekers to follow up with the company early on after submitting a resume, which is something he did not do as well as he should have.

Overall, Scotty is a great example for current NGU students to follow as someone who asked the right questions, worked to network outside of Tigerville, and who is now working hard in his calling as a Christian businessman.

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Written by Stuart Floyd 
NGU Director of Career Planning 


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