Living On-Campus at NGU: Residence Hall Highlights 

North Greenville University has a wide offering for students interested in living on campus. Each of our residence halls offer a unique perspective of NGU residence life. Some of the perks for living on campus include free laundry facilities, micro-fridges and microwaves in every room, and the coveted camaraderie and fellowship that only comes from residence life at NGU. Our community directors, resident assistants, and chaplains are assigned to each hall to ensure students have someone at hand if challenges arise during the academic year. All of the university’s residence halls are either assigned to males or females. 


Anthony Hall 

Anthony Hall houses twenty-four male students. The rooms are suite-style with two rooms adjoined by a shared bathroom. There is a common area on the top floor. This residence hall is one of the closest to Todd Dining Hall. Students studying in the College of Science and Mathematics will appreciate living in the vicinity of the Crain Science Building.  

Bruce Hall 

Completed in 1970, Bruce Hall is NGU’s only three-story male residence hall on campus. Despite its large size, students can still enjoy small communities based on the “short hall” design of the building. This hall is located beside Hayes Gymnasium, and is ideal for basketball and volleyball players. 

Crusader Court 

Crusader Court consists of twenty-two duplex style apartments. While not considered close to the Tingle Student Center and Todd Dining Hall, athletes will be pleased to live close to the University’s tennis, football, lacrosse, and soccer fields. 

Men’s Lodge Units 

Each of the Men’s Lodge Units house 20-24 male students, and feature a furnished common room on each of the building’s two floors. Centrally located on campus and with parking close by, all major campus facilities are close – making this residence hall ideal for a majority of male residents.  

Georgia/Marshall Residence Halls 

Georgia Hall and Marshall Hall are the newest residence halls on the North Greenville University campus. Completed in Fall 2014, these buildings have a large furnished common area, study area, and laundry facilities. All rooms are suite-style with two rooms adjoined by a bathroom. With the baseball field close by and other campus facilities a short walk away, residents can stay out of the hubbub of the main campus, without sacrificing distance. 


Brashier Hall 

Located directly behind the baseball field and in front of Vandiver Hall (which houses the nearest laundry facility), Brashier’s female residents can enjoy apartment style housing and spring baseball games. Each room offers two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a living room.  

Cline/JR Howard/Hartness Hall 

This group of residence halls each house 24 female residents, and are the closest residences to the Recreation Complex and Todd Dining Hall. These residence hall are perfect for students with class concentrations located in the Crain Science Building. 

Emery/Horton-Tingle Hall 

For members of the University’s College of Fine Arts, Emery Hall is the closest in proximity to Hamlin Recital Hall and the Billingsley Theatre. Directly adjacent to Emery is Horton-Tingle Hall, which features a large furnished common area and laundry facilities on the first floor. 

Howard/Simpson Hall 

Joined by a long hallway and featuring shared laundry facilities, Howard and Simpson are two of the most popular female residence halls on campus. Every Halloween, the residence halls play host to the public (with most of the other female residence halls) as costumed trick-or-treaters tour the hallways. Howard Hall is located directly behind Turner Chapel – close to a majority of the academic buildings. 

Women’s Lodge Units 

The Women’s Lodge Units house approximately 24 female students each. Like their male counterparts, the lodges are centrally located on campus, close to parking, campus security, and Todd Dining Hall. 

Vandiver/Martin Hall 

Vandiver and Martin Residence Halls are located across the street from the majority of the University’s athletic facilities. This is an ideal location for student athletes who will be dividing their time between classes and tennis, lacrosse, softball, and soccer. Martin is the newest female residence hall on campus. 

Roberson Hall 

Female residents living in Roberson Hall enjoy a quick walk to a majority of the campus classroom buildings, as well as a brief trip to all of the athletic facilities. Positioned halfway up the University’s famous foothills, the nearest facilities are the Foster Education Building and the intramural fields. 

Self/Trustees Hall 

Across the street from Roberson stand Self and Trustees Residence Halls. The twin halls feature suite-style rooms and a large common area upstairs, as well as laundry facilities downstairs. 

Residence life at NGU wouldn’t be complete without mentioning campus activities. Residence halls offer a great place for students to hang out, but campus-wide events bring everyone together. Activities change based on the season and semester, but Coffeehouses, Friday Night Movies, Homecoming Week, the President’s Ball, and weekly pop up events keep residence life fun and creative for everyone! 

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