Getting Your MBA Online Versus On-Campus 

For those who are interested in pursuing a career in business, an MBA is the best way to further your knowledge about business practices and further your career at the same time. It’s the best way to bypass the grind and set yourself up for success.  

 The Masters of Business Administration degree has evolved in so many ways over the last decade or so. For the most part, MBA students have the ability to take their degree online or in a more traditional classroom setting. NGU is no exception.  

 North Greenville University has a quality MBA program that will not only give you the knowledge and the degree you need, but it will also allow you to earn this degree choosing the schedule that will be best for you. You can earn the degree on campus, you can earn the degree online, or you can choose a hybrid of both depending on your evolving family and work schedule. 

NGU’s Online MBA Program 

With NGU, students can earn their MBA in an entirely virtual setting. More and more, students are demanding more flexibility in their course schedule. As such an online MBA is a great option for people who are already juggling a hectic schedule of family and work. You can study when it is most convenient for you, but will still graduate with a quality degree that will make you more marketable and ready for more responsibility at work.  

 Our professors work diligently to ensure that our online students receive the same instruction and attention as our onsite students.  Our students are guided through any challenging material with the use of videos, recorded lectures, and online tutors.  An online MBA through NGU is a quality degree that will give you the skills and the resume qualifications to do more. 

NGU’s Traditional MBA Program 

The traditional MBA program is just that – a degree program where classes are held on campus with a professor. Our program offers courses that balance analytic and interpersonal skills.  Some students prefer the traditional MBA program, because they enjoy the in-class setting, intimate teacher setting, and consistent schedule. Other students find that they need to be away from the distractions of work and family life to really focus on the material. Additionally, many students find the opportunity to learn with classmates and with the teacher in person to be the best learning method for them. In a traditional class setting, you have the opportunity to meet like-minded students and to gain a network of professionals to turn to has advantages throughout their career. 

Choosing the Right Degree 

When it comes down to it, the preferred degree path is completely up to the student. Prospective students will need to assess their needs, their strengths, weaknesses, and their ability to work—autonomously or not.  

 If you’re someone who needs a flexible schedule, then the online degree path might be your best bet. If you’re already on campus or thrive in a highly collaborative environment, then the more traditional degree program might be the way to go.  

 For an online degree plan, students should have qualities like discipline and self-motivation. For a traditional degree path, students should possess qualities such as enjoying interaction and working with other students in a collaborative environment.

A common misconception is that an online degree might not be as high quality as the traditionally earned degrees due to the setting. However, the data shows the contrary. According to this study, 77% of educators believe online learning is just as effective as onsite learning. That is due to the fact that teachers utilize the same tools to educate in a traditional setting as well as online, including videos, blogs, podcasts, and other media. 

 To date, 70% of all students have reported that their experience was just as good as attending a traditional class.  

Hybrid Programs 

Other students will find that a hybrid program – one that incorporates elements of online learning and traditional classroom setting—might be the best approach for them. These students can enroll in classes online when it best fits their schedule. The hybrid approach allows the student to take one course onsite and one online each term, all online with an occasional onsite course, or all onsite with an occasional online course, according to their needs. 

 Sometimes, as student’s home life may make it difficult to meet twice weekly for classes, for example during a child’s sports season. There are classes that many students either find daunting or that their own learning style will benefit from by taking them on campus. Sometimes a child’s schedule or a big event such as a wedding can make a semester of online classes the best option. The choice is up to each MBA candidate. 

About Our MBA Program 

Students will master material that balances analytic and interpersonal skills –skills they can apply immediately in the workplace. Academic terms at NGU are eight weeks. This makes it easy for people with busy schedules to adapt their academic schedules to the events that are occurring in their lives as they work on getting an MBA. Students are able to focus their schedule either on campus, online, or the hybrid approach from one term to the next as the responsibilities outside of class change from term to term.

You can schedule a meeting to tour the campus or you can go online to check out the steps required to join our MBA program. North Greenville University takes the education of professionals seriously. If you are interested in joining a Christ-centered program that will help you move forward professionally for the betterment of your life and for your family, check out the best MBA program today. 

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