Top Aviation Careers Available with an Aviation Minor

An aviation minor at North Greenville University, offered in cooperation with USAeroFlight, includes extensive instruction in using flight instruments, piloting during varied conditions, understanding advanced aircraft systems, and more. Besides the interesting coursework and hands-on learning provided during the program, the aviation minor opens the door to a one-of-a-kind experience to travel the world and explore the skies. 

As part of their studies, students complete a minimum of 190 flight hours in single- and multi-engine aircraft. In addition, they may choose to earn a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, which will help accrue additional flight time and overall experience, while earning a paycheck. The minor requires 18 credit hours.

Check out our list of three jobs that could lead to a lifetime career in aviation.

  1. Airline Pilot

Airline and commercial pilot jobs are desirable and highly skilled positions that provide high compensation in return for challenging work and a varying schedule. The U.S. is currently experiencing a severe shortage of qualified airline pilots, while the demand for commercial flights continues to increase. Airline and commercial pilots fly and navigate helicopters, planes, and other types of aircraft. The median pay for commercial and airline pilots is $112,000.

  1. Military Aviator

The military is also suffering from a lack of pilots, with a predicted 10 percent pilot shortage in the Navy by 2020 and a 1,000 pilot shortage in the the Air Force by 2022. A job as a military aviator receives good pay and respect, and for many people, fulfills a desire to serve one’s country. The average annual base pay of an Air Force pilot is $98,000.

  1. Missionary Pilot

A career as a missionary pilot offers the opportunity to minister to people and share the Gospel in typically remote areas. Missionary pilots transport doctors, church leaders, missionaries, community developers, and others into these areas, often landing small planes full of medical supplies onto challenging terrain. Along with a passion for serving others, 500 hours of flight experience, an A&P license, professional endorsements, and commercial and instrument pilot licences may be required. Missionary pilots typically develop donor networks to fund their own salary and expenses, ranging from $4,000 to $6,000 per month.

Learn more about an aviation minor at North Greenville University.

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