Top Three Studio Art Careers

North Greenville University believes a valuable arts education provides a multifaceted view into various disciplines.

In our studio art degree program, you’ll hone your creative and critical thinking while solving problems and stirring your curiosity. With several concentrations to choose from, including ceramics, drawing, graphic art, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture, you’ll find a medium to excel in.

The skills learned at NGU will set you apart in a competitive, yet timeless, industry. As you continue through the program, you will be guided to develop as an artist in three main areas:

  • Foundational – Applying composition, rendering, and historical knowledge
  • Technical – Acquiring intermediate and advanced skills, especially as related to your chosen area of emphasis
  • Conceptual – Studying syntactic strategies and practicing your command of the curriculum to create work that serves the purpose of self-expression

Many students will go on to become working artists, while many will also use their studio arts degree to merge their passion for art with other pursuits, such as communications, education and business. While there are countless paths to take with a studio art degree, the three art careers below offer a great mix of originality and continuity.

Art Director

Whether your expertise lies in graphic design, marketing, film and TV or web design (and more), art directors are tasked with managing a talented design team on a creative project. You’ll inspire and lead your designers with vision, offering insight and feedback during the process. The art director oversees the design strategy, while the team implements the different elements of the design based on their strengths and structure. Art directors earn a median salary of $92,500.

Art Agent

Many artists hire an art agent to represent and sell their work. Along with a background in art history and studio art techniques, art agents also master the business aspects of the art world. They gain attention and build a positive reputation for their clients, while also handling the artist’s financial affairs. The agent manages the strategy in delivering the art to the public for sales results, allowing the artist to focus on the development of their work. The median salary for an art agent is $86,500.

Art Professor

A career as an art professor will lead you back to a college or university setting where you will provide your students with the same meaningful critique and mentorship that your professors at NGU gave you. An art professor skillfully combines their art history background and individualized skill sets to teach courses and conduct research. With their passion and talent for the subject, art professors help educate the world’s next generation of artists.

Typically, universities require a terminal degree in order to become an art professor, which is an MFA for those pursuing studio art. Art professors earn a median salary of $72,600.

Ready to explore a career in studio art? Read more about our studio art major at North Greenville University.

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