How Long Does It Take to Get Your Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business?

Working adults require flexible coursework and understanding faculty and staff to thrive in pursuing a bachelor’s degree.  

At North Greenville University, we want to ensure all students are able to attain higher education in a personable and personalized way. Time is an essential component of completing an online degree program. Our program is 120 credit hours. A typical timeline for completing our adult online business undergraduate degree is within four years.  

Plan your degree timeline with advisors

When you meet with your academic advisors, whether in-person, on the phone or virtually, you may discuss how to complete your business degree sooner or how to spread coursework out longer than the common time frame. The adaptability of a program’s timeline is a great benefit to a program designed for adults. You have the option to take more classes at a time and complete coursework each semester, or you may decide to become a part-time student, only taking one or a few classes at a time.  

Stay on track with supportive faculty and staff

With any of these degree completion preferences, it’s critical to keep in touch with faculty and staff to ensure your success and stay on track with the plan you set in place during your first year. NGU offers a personal Christ-centric relationship between faculty, staff, and students, which is a unique feature of an online business degree program. They provide guidance throughout your time at the university, but also allow you to complete the degree autonomously. These professional connections will help as you enter the field of business and search for the right position.  

Save time on daily life

An online bachelor’s degree in business does save time during everyday life. Since we offer a program that is 100 percent online, you do not have to commute to campus or spend a designated time period in a physical classroom. This aspect is especially helpful if you have work and family obligations at set times throughout the week. An online business degree program also allows you to balance your work life and academic life independently, growing your time management and prioritization skills. These skills are in high demand for business careers. Many of our online classes are self-paced or have weekly deadlines, allowing you to adapt your studying and assignment completion to your own schedule.  

Gain experiential learning

If you are a working adult, you might be able to accelerate your degree completion by converting your professional experience into academic credit. Through taking our Portfolio Development class, you will collect the evidence of your professional engagement, skills, and expertise that will be evaluated and converted to earn from 3 to 12 credit hours toward your degree. This will allow you to save time and money while accelerating your degree completion progress.

Learn more about the NGU adult and online business and leadership degree.

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