Looking To Earn A Minor? Consider Aviation 

Airlines in the United States are desperately seeking pilots. Some airlines are hiring up to 400 pilots per month with five-figure sign-on bonuses. Whether you’re on the fast track to becoming a career pilot or just want to diversify your skill set, NGU’s aviation minor is an excellent educational value.  

Course requirements are fulfilled through US AeroFlight, an FAA-certified flight school located at Greenville Downtown Airport (GMU). Student pilots are trained a variety of safe, modern equipment including Cessna, Beech and Diamond aircraft models. US AeroFlight also has a retired Boeing 727 named Atima on display which is used by students to study the components of larger aircraft.  

After just 18 credit hours, students with an aviation minor will earn their instrument rating, private pilot, and commercial pilot certifications. Students can opt to go further and become certified flight instructors themselves. With a staff of 10 instructors at GMU, US AeroFlight is able to give future pilots specialized training to meet their career goals.   

Students will learn everything it takes to become certified commercial pilots, including: advanced training in Federal Aviation Regulations, air traffic procedures, aerodynamics, aircraft performance, basic and advanced aircraft systems, navigation, meteorology, aeromedical factors, crew resource management, and aeronautical decision making. Course requirements include the successful completion of the FAA Commercial Pilot written test. 

US AeroFlight staff member Forrest Jones is hoping that more students will show an interest in NGU’s aviation minor. “If someone is aviation-minded, we really want to help them achieve their goals,” said Jones.  

To learn more about NGU’s aviation minor, visit ngu.edu/aviation-minor.

Written by Office of Marketing and Communications Intern Carson Myers.

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