Differences Between Online Business & Leadership and All Other Online Business Degrees

North Greenville University offers a unique business degree for working adults because we understand how challenging earning a degree may be while needing to earn money at the same time. Our online business and leadership degree differ from other standard online business degrees because we have designed it carefully and flexibly for those who likely have been in the workforce already or are currently working.  

Our program provides many key advantages over other online business degree options.

Learn the core of business with Christian values
In the program, you’ll solidify a strong base in a range of business topics, including accounting, human resources, economics, marketing, operations, and more, all taught with a Christ-centered approach and faith-based application.  

Take part in blended courses
For some of our courses, you can opt to engage in a blended learning environment. This gives you the opportunity to interact with classmates and professors in-person or in a virtual real-time session. The degree remains completely online for those who choose to complete the program remotely.

Enhance leadership opportunities
A degree with a leadership emphasis opens the door to a variety of management roles in any industry. Courses such as Principles of Leadership and Servant Leadership equip you with strong supervisory and decision-making skills. When you graduate, not only will you master several business concepts, but you will be ready for a management or leadership position.

Earn special internship credits
We offer four internship classes so that you will get out into the field while earning your degree. You’ll have the chance to apply classroom concepts to see how they work on the job, as well as applying internship experiences to your classroom learning. It’s a needed benefit to gain experience prior to graduation to make you stand out in a competitive industry.  

If you have already worked in a job in the business field before or are currently in a role similar to this, you may already have significant experience, but want a bachelor’s degree to further your education and broaden job opportunities. You may qualify to convert your professional experience for up to 12 credit hours of academic internship, allowing you to save time and money. We call this “experiential credit.”

Continue your studies at NGU

Earning a bachelor’s degree in adult and online business and leadership may just be the start of your journey pursuing higher education. The program prepares you to continue into graduate studies if you choose to do so. This may lead to you earning an MBA at NGU. Our advisors will work with you to ensure you stay on track throughout your undergraduate degree to be able to move directly to a graduate degree.

Learn more about the NGU adult and online business and leadership degree.

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