A Real Look at The Benefits of a Professional Certificate

Are you looking for ways to stand out in an increasingly competitive job market? Earning a university credit certificate, known as a UCC, at North Greenville University provides an opportunity for you to distinguish yourself in your industry. These certificates offer a set of focused classes that hone in a specific skill you’d like to enhance based on your career goals.

Enroll in one of our nine professional certificate programs:

Attaining additional skills shows a commitment to professional development and adds further credibility regarding your expertise. Ultimately, it offers you a competitive edge on your resume while searching for the right career. If you are currently in a field you enjoy, expanding your credentials with a job-specific certificate may increase the likelihood of you receiving a promotion or raise.

A great benefit of getting a professional certificate at North Greenville University is that these classes are fully online, offering necessary flexibility for working adults. While these certificates do not qualify for financial aid, the classes may qualify for your employer tuition reimbursement program. Be sure to talk with your employer to discuss potential options. You may also begin a certificate program at any one of the five dates we provide throughout the year for your convenience. We do not require any transcripts in order to register.

If you decide to continue your education at NGU after completing your certificate program, your certificate classes may apply for university credits to count toward your degree. While applying to a degree program is a separate process from signing up for a certificate program, we consider your performance in those classes when reviewing your application.

Ready to pursue a professional certificate? Visit our professional certificates webpage.

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