What Does Leadership Look Like to You?

Strong leadership serves as the cornerstone of all organizations. With a knowledgeable and inspiring individual guiding a business’s direction and goals, employees feel valued and motivated to do their job to the best of their ability.

Business leaders manage high-level strategy and are tasked with being empathetic and dynamic communicators, mastering speaking and listening to facilitate external and internal relationships. They balance integrity, charisma, and loyalty, and usually serve as the “face” of their business.

North Greenville University offers a business leadership certificate to help you explore these business leadership dynamics, based in a Christian worldview, in a one-year program.

The certificate includes four courses, in total 13 credits, including the following three core courses:

  • BUSN 4300 Principles of Leadership (3 credit hours, online)
  • BUSN 4301 Applied Leadership (3 credit hours, online)
  • BUSN 4305 Servant Leadership (3 credit hours, online)

You’ll select one elective based on your interests:

  • BUSN 3310 Principles of Management (3 credit hours, online)
  • BUSN 3330 Human Resource Management (3 credit hours, HyFlex)
  • BUSN 3335 Organizational Behavior (3 credit hours, online)

Once you complete your courses, you’ll finish the program with a capstone seminar:

  • Capstone Seminar (1 credit hour)

While great leadership skills are enhanced through gaining experience, a certificate can set you apart on your resume when you enter a job search. It may also give your current employer incentive to give you a promotion or raise because they see your dedication to your career aspirations, as well as your commitment to personal and professional development.

We understand that many of our students pursuing certificates are busy adults and must fulfill their commitment to their jobs and potentially families. Since the certificate is fully online, you can complete the courses while continuing to work.

This is a valuable opportunity for agency administrators, business professionals, church staff and volunteers, civic leaders, community leaders, nonprofit administrators, and any other managers who aspire to transition into leadership roles.

The topics covered include foundational basics of leadership; influence and motivational strategies for leading; internal and external sources affecting an organization’s makeup; key factors of effective leadership; maximizing potential in your team; models and theories of business leadership; organizational development and change; and team dynamics. These subjects are immediately applicable to organizations across the world.

If you decide to pursue one of our five undergraduate programs in the College of Business and Sport Professions, a master’s program in the Graduate School of Business, and an online bachelor’s degree in business through the Adult & Online Undergraduate programs, your certificate classes completed with the grade of C or above will earn undergraduate university credit at NGU. These credit hours are added to your transcript and are transferable to any university accepting transfer hours for the underlying course.

Ready to get started? Learn more about the business leadership certificate and apply now.

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