How to Prepare for Church Planting With a Church Planting & Revitalization Certificate

As a faith-based institution, North Greenville University offers a church planting & revitalization certificate for those led to spread the Gospel with others. Within the program, you’ll enhance your skills in interpreting the Bible, teaching Christian fundamentals, and growing a disciple-making congregation. The certificate promotes Christian values and aligns practical knowledge with your spiritual goals.

You may be interested in planting a church or revitalizing a currently existing one. Whichever you feel led to do, this certificate will give you the educational background and a theological foundation to prepare for the meaningful journey ahead. We understand the unique pressures and circumstances you may face and will equip you with the guidance needed to overcome any challenges. This is a great opportunity for all types of leaders and teachers within the church and for any business professional hoping to lead with Bible-based principles.

The church planting & revitalization certificate consists of four core courses in a fully online and flexible format and typically takes one year to complete:

  • CHST 2333 Apologetics and Evangelism (3 credit hours, online)                             
  • CHST 2365 Expository Preaching and Teaching (3 credit hours, online)      
  • CHST 2390 Hermeneutics (3 credit hours, online)    
  • CHST 3344 Church Planting and Revitalization (3 credit hours, online)

Following these classes, you’ll finish the certificate program by taking a final Capstone Seminar:

  • Capstone Seminar (1 credit hour)

Topics covered include church health, church mission and vision, defending the gospel, expository preaching and teaching, studying the Bible, and theological foundation for planting churches.

Earning this certificate may lead you to be interested in ministry-related undergraduate programs, such as Christian studies, media ministry, youth ministry, and online Christian ministries. If you decide to go into one of these degree programs, your certificate classes completed with the grade of C or above will earn undergraduate university credit at NGU. These credit hours are added to your transcript and are transferable to any university accepting transfer hours for the underlying course.

Ready to get started? Learn more about the church planting & revitalization certificate and apply now.

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