Foundational Theology Certificate: 3 People Who Should Get This Certificate

Are you looking to strengthen your knowledge in biblical, missiological, and theological areas and use your gifts to help fulfill the Great Commission? North Greenville University offers a professional undergraduate foundational theology certificate for those who are in or aspire to be in the mission field. It’s a one-year 13-credit program that can be completed fully online, offering flexibility if you have career or family obligations.

We designed this certificate to meet the requirements provided by the International Mission Board (IMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention for spouses of career missionaries, but it is a good fit for all interested in a faith-based certificate in ministry. It builds a strong foundation for you to apply a Christian worldview in your personal and professional life.

Who does this certificate benefit?

Current Missionaries

You want to continue to explore your faith and learn more about God’s word and teachings so that you can help serve Him and the world better.

Spouse of Current or Prospective Missionaries

You want to support your spouse as they work in the mission field and learn how you can prepare your family during this time.

Prospective Missionaries

You are thinking about becoming a missionary and are interested in a Bible-based certificate that will help you decide if it’s your calling.

You’ll complete three core classes:
CHST 1310 Old Testament Survey (3 credit hours, online)                          
CHST 1320 New Testament Survey (3 credit hours, online)                         
CHST XXXX (3 credit hours, online) – You may choose any Christian ministries course for this elective, which are listed on our website.

In addition, you may choose one of these systematic theology courses based on your preference:
CHST 3331 Systematic Theology 1 (3 credit hours, online)                          
CHST 3332 Systematic Theology 2 (3 credit hours, online)                          
CHST 3333 Systematic Theology 3 (3 credit hours, online)

After completing your courses, you will finish by taking the final one-credit-hour final capstone seminar course.

In these courses, we will discuss biblical and theological foundations; Christology; major themes in the Old and New Testament and their relationship; Pneumatology; and other theological concepts.

If you decide to pursue one of our ministry-related undergraduate programs, such as Christian studies, your certificate classes completed with the grade of C or above will earn undergraduate university credit at NGU. These credit hours are added to your transcript and are transferable to any university accepting transfer hours for the underlying course.

Ready to get started? Learn more about the foundational leadership certificate and apply now.

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