The Benefits of a Christian Education

Located in the Appalachian foothills of the South Carolina Upstate, North Greenville University (NGU) offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to traditional and adult learners with a Christian liberal arts curriculum. Founded in 1892, NGU is a private institution of higher learning accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The university maintains long standing affiliations with the Southern Baptist Convention and the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

The Christ-centered focus one expects from faith-based universities and Christian universities defines the experience that students benefit from at North Greenville University.

A Curriculum that Embraces Spiritual Leadership

Christian moral teachings form the core of NGU’s educational foundation. Faculty serve as mentors and guides to their students, encouraging them to make a lifelong commitment to their Christian faith and preparing them for service in their communities and professions.

Through lectures, seminars, and other academic experiences, students gain an appreciation for intellectual pursuits from faculty who challenge them to rise to their highest potential. Beyond the classroom, the Office of Student Life and the Hester Memorial Library offer co-curricular and research support that ensure students have access to a wide array of leadership opportunities and scholarly resources.

Students at North Greenville University achieve excellence and embody leadership through their pursuit of studies. Their education goes beyond specific exit requirements for individual courses and instead occurs through the integration of their scholarship, faith, and culturally enriching experiences they enjoy during their studies. Students grow spiritually and intellectually in a collegial setting where attendance is considered a privilege and God’s glory is omnipresent. Our alumni make important contributions as they return to their communities and many of them maintain strong connections with their alma mater years after they graduate.

A Classroom Experience that Embodies Faith

Whether a student attends classes in person or takes courses through our online platform, the quality of education they receive at North Greenville University prepares them for the challenges of life while reaffirming their devotion to God. A celebration of faith fills each member of the university community as they develop their intellectual, social, and cultural awareness during their studies. Strong moral and spiritual lessons are part of the educational experience at NGU, as the university and its faculty create a special sense of community that allows each student to realize their true potential.

“The Online General Studies degree prepared me by improving my computer skills, introducing me to the Blackboard format (which I now use in graduate school), and building my knowledge base. The classes in theology were also a constant encouragement in academics and life in general, as well. I could not be successful in the demands of a master’s level program without the foundation the Online General Studies program at North Greenville provided me with.”

  • Heather Quinn (’17), NGU Online General Studies graduate

The degree programs available at NGU offer students a wide array of options. They map their academic destiny by selecting their area of specialization from a variety of majors in the arts and sciences, including pre-professional programs that prepare students for advanced graduate study. Enrichment opportunities are available for honors and gifted students. Non-traditional students can complete studies through distinct and innovative programs that take into account their needs. The totality of the campus experience, including recreational and co-curricular opportunities outside of the classroom, allows students to profess their faith in God while becoming leaders in their chosen professions and their communities.

Learn why a Christian education is a huge benefit with NGU today!

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