A Mathematics Degree Opens Up Your Future

Mathematics is empowering, especially in today’s world. Think about it: Aspects of both the natural world and the man-made world can often be described, analyzed, and even predicted with mathematics. The use of probability and statistics helps us model and predict the stock market, weather patterns, and biological phenomena. The study of calculus and rates of change forms the basis for tackling many engineering projects. The internet, computer networks, and social networks like Facebook can all be modeled with discrete mathematics.  

The teaching of mathematics is another vital application, both in our region and in the world.  The average American’s understanding of mathematics seems to continually lag behind the world’s demand for a high degree of mathematical competence. A mathematics teacher can help satisfy the world’s need for good mathematicians while enjoying a rewarding career in education.

Possible Career Paths For Mathematicians 

As of 2015, the fastest growing and highest-earning occupations in the United States are STEM positions. That means a math degree can put you in an excellent position for your future.  A study of mathematics helps students develop essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which will make you extremely valuable in a wide range of careers. In fact, those with math backgrounds have outperformed other students on the LSAT and GMAT tests for at least the past twenty years.  

Whether you are interested in tackling problems related to population growth, health insurance, natural resources, education, business, climate change, or the nuclear industry — mathematics is an essential element. If you are interested in pursuing a career in these fascinating areas, NGU offers three distinct tracks that prepare you for the challenges of the twenty-first century.  A degree in mathematics education prepares you to be a leader in the classroom, teaching high school mathematics. As a dual math and engineering major, you will gain the skills necessary to focus your preferred engineering discipline. Finally, as a pure math major, you will undertake a senior research project which allows you to explore a mathematical topic of your choice, often leading you toward a specific field of practice or focus for graduate work.

Some other careers in mathematics:  Applied Mathematician, Engineer, Teacher, Systems Analyst, Computer Programmer, College Professor, Statistician, Actuary, Accountant  


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