9 Reasons to Get an Accounting Degree

Let’s be honest, accounting doesn’t really inspire most people the way other high stress/high reward careers do. Accountants are often portrayed as nerdy, number crunchers locked away in some cubicle. But the career of accounting actually presents some very unique opportunities that appeal to a lot of people – everything from work/life balance, to pay scale, to flexibility.

Below are nine excellent reasons to pursue an accounting degree at NGU.

Solid Business Career

Regardless of how the economy performs, businesses need to manage their income, bills, expenses, and taxes. Accountants perform these essential skills, and the savvy accounting professional can increase their value with proactive operations management that helps business owners maximize their profits.

From medium-sized businesses on up, you’ll find both contract and in-house accountants working to keep the books in order.

A Wide Range of Career Opportunities

If you’re looking for the comfort and stability of working a steady, permanent job for an established industry corporation, then there are plenty of opportunities for accounting staff. But there’s also the opportunity to pursue more entrepreneurial rewards by opening up your own shop and working with the clients you choose.

Industry Variety

Every industry needs accounting services, which allows you to pick and choose which field you prefer. Some people may have the opinion that accounting is boring, but consider the industry you’re working in. All companies are not created equally, and as an accountant, you can find fulfillment with a field that best suits your skills and personality.

Excellent “Career Change” Option

Are you aware that people change their jobs about 10 to 15 times on average throughout their careers? An increasing number of professionals are embracing a career change later in life. For those searching for a new career path, accounting is a really smart choice. Though new to the field, your skills will be highly desirable, and earning a degree now ensures that you receive the technology education so necessary for today’s accountants, allowing you to jump right into the field.

It’s Great for Introverts

This one is a little uncommon, but it’s important to recognize the benefits of a career that doesn’t really require a ton of people skills. Some folks might find themselves intimidated by high-pressure meetings, interpersonal politics, and more. If you’re put off by dealing with personnel and you perform best while working on your own, accounting is the career for you. Simply choose a company or field that asks for no more than exacting work submitted in a timely manner. Schmoozing and politicking are not required.

Great Income

Accountant work is an in-demand position that pays well. The median 2016 income for accountants was $68,150, and high earners brought inasmuch as $120K. But salary isn’t the only income benefit – most accountants with permanent, full-time positions also receive several valuable benefits. Retirement plans, vacation time, and healthcare benefits are important considerations for any career choice.

Schedule Flexibility

Work for others or be your own boss by offering your accounting services to a variety of clients. Flex hours and work-from-home opportunities abound. A degree in accounting provides this flexibility.

Job Security

Accounting is here to stay. As long as you perform your job well and fulfill expectations, you will have a job. Despite economical changes and market fluctuations, accountants are rarely ever singled out for downsizing. Your skills are an essential industry requirement.

The NGU Advantage

At NGU, our faculty members boast graduate degrees in their chosen fields, and they have worked extensively in the field. Our accounting program is designed to support your success after graduation. To further this goal, we offer the opportunity to apply the principles you’ve learned via internships. Learn more about how NGU can help you make your accounting career goals a reality.

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