Everything You Can Do With a MA in Christian Ministry Degree

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry  

The Master of Arts in Christian ministry degree program from NGU offers multiple formats for study. Choose between in-class, online, or a combination of the two in which to complete the 36-credit hour Christian ministry degree program. A Master of Arts degree in Christian Ministry can lead to many opportunities for service in God’s kingdom. Start the online application process to begin studying the six core courses, five electives, and one final capstone project to complete the curriculum. 

Careers for MA of Christian Ministry Graduates 

For those earning a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree from NGU, numerous paths are available in which to apply the leadership skills and foundational Christian practices in fulfilling and impactful ways. Traditional fields of service include opportunities in pastoral and teaching ministries.  Other avenues of ministry include chaplaincy in a hospital or military setting, positions in private Christian schools, para-church organizations, non-profit humanitarian organizations, and missions agencies. 

According to a The Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities for employment in Christian ministry are expected to grow faster than average, at a rate of 12% per year. While these Christian ministry degree careers exist within local churches, denominational ministries, and missions agencies, a holder of a Master’s degree can explore other meaningful opportunities of employment, including community and social service, education, training, and library careers. 

Also, consider the many faith-based organizations and charities which hire degreed ministry students to fulfill the same opportunities which exist in any well-run business organization. From executives and management careers to marketing and social outreach support, your Master of Arts in Christian Ministry can open the door to numerous opportunities for service. 

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