Integration of Christian Values and Psychology in the NGU Online Psychology Program.

A common exercise I have conducted in classes is to briefly discuss the difference between the Bible and our psychology textbook.  Of course it sounds simplistic, however, it still is worthy of discussion to help students develop critical thinking skills.  We know from Timothy 3:16 that all scripture is “God Breathed,” simply put, the Bible is the word of God.  We then turn our attention to which ever text is selected for the class.  We know it is written by men and women, who are not perfect, and are using the most current research from the field, as it stands at the time of publication of the text.  While the Bible is eternal, psychology textbooks are updated frequently as new research is conducted and more information is learned.  

As students progress through the psychology program, integration of faith and learning occurs at the individual course level.  For example, Foundations of Christian Psychology which provides an overview of the relationship between Christianity and the theories and practice of psychology.  The course puts an emphasis in regards to the Christian application of psychology in life and professional service.  Another popular course with psychology students, as well as students with other majors, is Marriage and the Family.  This course utilizes a Christian worldview approach to study pre-marital and marital relationships, with emphasis placed on problems of the contemporary American family.   

The above listed courses are but a couple in which students in the NGU Online psychology program learn to integrate their faith into their coursework.  The entire program is presented from a Christian worldview and students are encouraged to think critically about topics from the textbooks and apply Scriptural principals within their chosen field.  With the NGU psychology program, students are prepared to enter the field of psychology and are equipped to be a difference maker in the fine tradition of North Greenville University.  

Dr. Marti J. Glass, Dean of Behavioral Sciences, NGU Online    

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