Financial Aid Checklist 

Finding ways to afford college can seem daunting for both parents and students. However, there’s no need to be discouraged by startling headlines about student loan debt. North Greenville University’s Office of Financial Aid has experts who are professional, attentive, and thorough. Whether you’re a concerned parent, high school senior, or current college student who needs more financial aid, consider following this checklist to make college as affordable as possible.  Continue reading “Financial Aid Checklist “

Differences Between Online Business & Leadership and All Other Online Business Degrees

North Greenville University offers a unique business degree for working adults because we understand how challenging earning a degree may be while needing to earn money at the same time. Our online business and leadership degree differ from other standard online business degrees because we have designed it carefully and flexibly for those who likely have been in the workforce already or are currently working.  
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Five Things You Should Know About NGU’s Aviation Minor 

Aspiring aviators often think they have to attend a large, expensive, out-of-state aeronautical university to earn an aviation degree. Pilots are in high demand among the U.S. Air Force and the airlines, which means many options for potential pilots. In as little as 18 credit hours, students earning an aviation minor at NGU can become certified to fly single-engine planes.  Continue reading “Five Things You Should Know About NGU’s Aviation Minor “

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business?

Working adults require flexible coursework and understanding faculty and staff to thrive in pursuing a bachelor’s degree.  

At North Greenville University, we want to ensure all students are able to attain higher education in a personable and personalized way. Time is an essential component of completing an online degree program. Our program is 120 credit hours. A typical timeline for completing our adult online business undergraduate degree is within four years.  
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Top Three Studio Art Careers

North Greenville University believes a valuable arts education provides a multifaceted view into various disciplines.

In our studio art degree program, you’ll hone your creative and critical thinking while solving problems and stirring your curiosity. With several concentrations to choose from, including ceramics, drawing, graphic art, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture, you’ll find a medium to excel in. Continue reading “Top Three Studio Art Careers”

NGU Financial Aid

North Greenville University is committed to removing barriers like cost of attendance for students to attend the university and learn the difference that Christ can make in their lives. We have outlined several resources on our financial aid webpage to help answer any questions you may have during the process. This information is updated on a regular basis to best serve our current and prospective students.

To find out what financial aid is available to you at North Greenville University, visit


Top Aviation Careers Available with an Aviation Minor

An aviation minor at North Greenville University, offered in cooperation with USAeroFlight, includes extensive instruction in using flight instruments, piloting during varied conditions, understanding advanced aircraft systems, and more. Besides the interesting coursework and hands-on learning provided during the program, the aviation minor opens the door to a one-of-a-kind experience to travel the world and explore the skies.  Continue reading “Top Aviation Careers Available with an Aviation Minor”

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