Design Your Own Degree in Our Christian Studies Major

Would you like to grow in your knowledge and understanding in the field of Christian studies? North Greenville University offers Christian studies programs designed to mold you into an well-rounded student.

NGU strives to challenge our students in their faith so they can gain a biblically-based worldview. NGU thrives in a family setting and atmosphere where they gain an excellent understanding of the Christian ministry how you can apply that as an individual and as a professional in your career.

Offering a Variety of Classes at NGU

NGU offers a variety of theology and ministry-based courses for students in the Christian studies degree program. Along with a top-notch faculty and diverse course offerings, our student body also attends chapel and cultural events each semester for a total of four semesters for full-time enrollment.

One of the major benefits of our Christian studies program is the significant number of electives you can take to diversify your career.

  • Bible courses
  • Christian ethics
  • Evangelism
  • Apologetics
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Discipleship methods
  • Christian worldview
  • Missions
  • Philosophy
  • Youth ministry
  • Women’s ministry
  • Church history

Benefits of Our Flexible Curriculum

At North Greenville University, we understand that you’re committed to your mission, evangelism, the church and developing your own personal life. As such, our Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies is designed to give you flexibility in your curriculum. In addition, our program attracts students from all over the world, allowing you to connect with peers from across the globe.

Our Christian studies curriculum attempts to impart a foundational understanding of the Old and the New Testaments along with other spiritual disciplines with the goal of developing a pure understanding of Christian principles. Through the program, students take a variety of courses from various categories; Historical, theological, ethical, biblical and practical. The practical course cover courses such as missions, youth ministry, evangelism, preaching, discipleship, and women’s ministries.

When pursuing a Christian studies major at North Greenville, you’ll spend a good deal of your semester studying, interpreting, and understanding the Bible and how it relates to ministry.

As part of the coursework, students study Old and the New Testament, learn how to interpret the various passages, cover theological doctrines and how to solve the challenges facing the Christian faith. Besides, you will gain skills to connect the biblical view to the world perspective so you can become a well-rounded person.

Study a Christian Degree Program at North Greenville University

A Christian studies degree that paves the way for a vocational career in Christian ministry. Our flexible course program has been curated to equip our students with the skills and knowledge to understand and interpret the Bible, and connect it with their worldview. Apply to study at NGU today and begin leading a life fulfilling God’s purpose.

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