Keeping Christian Values in Business

To be a Christian is to follow the words and ways of Christ in all that we say and do.  Always, not merely on Sundays. Therefore, we cannot, nor should we try to, separate our Christian-values from our workplaces.  At North Greenville University, we believe that business and careers can be strengthened through the practice of our beliefs, in subtle and not so subtle ways.  Many others agree, including Ian Mitroff and Elizabeth Denton who state in A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America: “spirituality could be the ultimate competitive advantage.”  In the MBA program, we address many Christian values, three of which are leadership, integrity and industry. Continue reading “Keeping Christian Values in Business”

Theatre Degree Alums Find Careers Onstage and Back

Often, as students consider what major to pursue, their thoughts turn to what practical use a degree can be after graduation. When these types of considerations arise, theatre sometimes seems like a risky proposition. Of course, performance is a highly competitive field, and there are no guarantees that a degree in theatre will book you a role. However, studying theatre can give a student invaluable skills that are sought after by employers from many different fields. Continue reading “Theatre Degree Alums Find Careers Onstage and Back”

Good Advice for Students Looking to Take a Biology and Nursing Dual Degree

NGU recently announced that it has created a dual nursing and biology degree in affiliation with the Mary Black School of Nursing at University of South Carolina Upstate in Spartanburg. The first group of qualified students will have completed their first 3 years of education at NGU and transfer to the nursing education portion of our program in spring 2019. Whether you are already interested in entering the program or want to learn a bit more about what your academic future will look like, here are a few tips that will help you to succeed. Continue reading “Good Advice for Students Looking to Take a Biology and Nursing Dual Degree”

5 Reasons to Choose the Nursing and Biology Dual Degree Program

As large segments of the population are coping with chronic illness and increasing numbers of baby boomers are living well into their eighties and nineties, nursing professionals are in demand more than ever, and that trend is only expected to accelerate, with industry leaders predicting a shortage in the coming decades. If you’re passionate about providing exceptional healthcare from a Christian perspective, a nursing and biology dual degree program may be a good fit for you. Here are five reasons to consider the program at North Greenville University: Continue reading “5 Reasons to Choose the Nursing and Biology Dual Degree Program”

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