What to Expect From an Online Biblical Studies Program

In my last post I discussed the three blessings that stem from earning a degree online. Each of those were tied to the practical application of the material in various courses in the context of a community the student has already set roots in. Building from this desire to nurture the student’s practice from what is learned, an online Christian Ministries degree will focus on information transfer as well as application of those principles learned. It is far too easy to assume that what is regurgitated is learned. In fact, we see Paul encouraging his children in the faith to practice what Paul preached and modeled for them (Phil. 4:9). Continue reading “What to Expect From an Online Biblical Studies Program”

Learning at Your Pace: Online Ministry Degree

One of the greatest challenges I faced while in seminary was the need to feed my family. You see, my wife and I had moved from Raleigh to Minneapolis to Louisville in order to be trained in how to handle Scripture and teach it. We had to uproot from the familiar. Some would say this was virtuous and commend our steps in faith. While I believe that is true, I also believe that we live in a day and time where technology enables us to both get our theological training but also to dig our roots in deeper—both in others’ lives and nourishing the roots of our own faith. Continue reading “Learning at Your Pace: Online Ministry Degree”

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